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Happiness Solutions

Our own model of 5H for happiness


Based on a published doctorate research, we have created our 4H Engagement model.

Change Management

Our 3L change management model was created through a 2 years masters research

Consumer Experience

We are partners to some of the top organizations in the world offering support on consumer experience strategies

Leadership growth

We provide programs focusing on building on strengths and enhancing capabilities of future leaders

Assessment Centers

We run behavioral and competency based assessment centers

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So far we have helped hundreds of individuals and over 56 regional and multinational organizations achieve excellence in the fields of employee engagement, consumer engagement, strategic change and leadership capacity building.


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Dr. Tamer is the best engagement expert. He is a life coach and a great mentor.

Dr. Tamer has a unique way in delivering the information. always bringing life examples during his sessions which makes it so real and enjoyable.

Mohamed El Sayed / JLR / Ferrari / Ford / Maserati

It was a great pleasure working with Tamer during his consultancy service to Genpharm. He used to provide genuine guidance and support to all employee, he has a great talent in digging deeper through people and identify what really motivates them. He has a very diversified experience, he can take HR function to a whole new level inside any organization.

Dalia Kamal / Sanofi Genzyme

Gave me a very specific, step by step process to accomplish a high level of engagement in my company which I could never even conceptualize before his assistance. The program does an excellent job of providing a defined framework for the process without turning it into a mechanistic 'fill out the form' exercise. The framework helped me make sure that I was identifying and analyzing the right engagement drivers, it did not do my thinking for me. Ensuring that employee engagement isn't just an interesting annual exercise that subsequently collects dust on a bookshelf. I know that employee engagement will make a major difference in the performance of my business.

Hosam Osman / Mediclinic

I met Dr. Tamer at the THRF form and had the opportunity to learn Engagement model from him. Dr. Tamer is a seasoned professional and his biggest contribution to the MENA region is demystifying the employee engagement equation. His extensive research in the Middle East region on engagement and the 4H model derived based upon the same is really amazing. Through his research on engagement in Banking, Construction, Education, Health, Energy and Automotive sectors he has touched upon some of the important chronic issues, their remedies and a need for paradigm shift in measuring employee engagement. In nut shell, if someone is serious on Engagement then one must read his authentic work in the book’ The Engagement Code’.

Surinder Pal Singh / Nissan

I had a chance to meet with Tamer Elewa at Mastering HR Summit in Frankfurt, Germany. He was the chairman of the summit and received very positive feedbacks. I’m impressed by him especially because of the balance he had between managing the summit very professionally and attracting the attentions by giving examples and using his sense of humor.

I’ll be very happy to meet again and work with him since he is very open to share his knowledge and to contact with people from different cultures.

Yuksel Altun / Marks & Spencer

I face significant challenges to motivate and engage team members, or even to identify the factors that drive engagement and motivation. Tamer’s engagement tool is an online application in the form of 2 short questionnaires which are easy to administrate and takes less than 10 minutes for participants to complete. The results however are detailed and cross reference multiple factors that drive engagement and motivation based on the answers provided by participants. These factors are conveniently listed in a hierarchy to enable managers to identify the factors that are most likely to result in an engaging work environment. Tamer’s application is very informative and provided me with easy to implement, practical focal points to motivate and retain employees. It reduced uncertainty and the associated time and cost, and I would highly recommend it as a management tool

Christiaan Nel / Johnson Controls

Dr. Tamer is one of a kind! It is always a pleasure to interact with Dr. Tamer as he has so much to give to everyone around him. I consider Dr. Tamer a very good friend and a talented strategist and truly gifted with patience. Dr. Tamer was fast to understand learning needs and together we formulated a unique set of programs for top management. I always look forward to participating at his courses because of his sense of humour, intellectual challenge and humanistic approach!

Dr. Tamer is and intellectual and a man of highest principle. When you interact with him you immediately see his values-based approach to life. He is approachable, humble and knowledgeable. His depth of knowledge, understanding of meanings of life and his dedication to his students always amazes me.

Wiaam Ghanem Bani Hashem / Commercial Bank of Dubai

I had the pleasure of attending two multi-day Strategic Leadership courses that Dr.Tamer conducted for the top team of our bank at BUiD. I has very impressed by the fast-paced, insightful, enlightening and eye-opening sessions conducted by Dr.Tamer.

He is bubbling with ideas and energy; he engaged beautifully with the team - which is not easy when you are dealing with senior people who tend to be generally reserved. By the end of the sessions he had everyone jumping around with excitement.

I highly recommend Dr.Tamer as a professor, leader, strategist and a thinker.

Deepak Mehra / Commercial Bank of Dubai

Dr. Tamer est un vrai influenceur! Il est animé par une passion sans bords pour son métier. Sa vocation est de comprendre l'humain et créer du bonheur autour de lui. Dr. Tamer contribue au bien-être des employés, les aide à prendre conscience de leurs potentialités et à les mettte en valeur. Il accompagne également l'entreprise afin d'avoir de meilleures performances et ètudie les statégies de réussite de ses équipes tant sur le plan professionnel que personnel!

Je recommande fortement Dr. Tamer pour toutes les entreprises!

Sana Zagouri / Ford Morocco (SCAMA)

Dr. Tamer was providing HR support & Strategies for the entire sector when I joined Ford Saudi Arabia (AJVA), he delivers high quality work at all times. He amazed me with his commitment and hard-work.

His pleasant personality, good understanding of business needs, good performance appraisal techniques and good communication skills will definitely add real professional value to any growing organization. I highly recommend his without any doubt.

Nasser Al Shammari / Ford Saudi Arabia (AJVA)

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